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JohnnyShumateI work as a freelance illustrator living in Nashville, Tennessee. I began my career in 1987 after graduating from Austin Peay State University. Most of my work is rendered in Adobe Photoshop using a Cintiq monitor.

Feel free to contact me about using my images in your publication. Send image request for a price quote.

You may contact me at

  1. Enjoy your work very much — looking forward to seeing more of it.

  2. I just wanted say Hello to a great artist.I admire your work Mr.Shumate.

  3. Pavel-Thanks for visiting my site and your nice comments!

  4. Dimitrios permalink

    Mr. Shumate, as a Greek native living in the west part of Thrace, i really admire & appreciate the quality of your illustration and the historical “accuracy” of your themes as well (especially the ancient Greek or the Byzantine ones). I really can’t wait for your next work…

  5. Hey Johnny,
    You don’t know me, but you have illustrated a number of my books and articles in Greek (remember the Inca and Chimu warriors, many Macedonian/Greek hoplites and cavalrymen, some Rennaisance Polish and Swedish, Ajax in the Trojan War and many more). I found this site “by accident” and this is a unique opportunity for me to thank you for your artwork in my books and articles. Your artwork is SUPERB.
    Thank you again Mr. Shumate,

  6. Johnny,
    I’m sorry about the possibly “inappropriate” previous message (I understand that it’s a little bit odd for the readers, to find out that the illustrator and the author are complete strangers).
    Of course you don’t have to edit it (approve it), nor this message also. Thanks again for your artwork and sorry about the messages. After you receive this, delete both of them.

  7. joshua permalink

    I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your work.

  8. Tommy Brown permalink

    Love your work. In fact I kept seeing images on all these websites and I couldn’t find the artist. Then I realized you can upload an image into google to search websites that contain the image. Because of that I was able to find you. I also found an image you created of a hoplite in the wikimedia commons. It is rare nowadays that an artist would produce such quality work and release it as public domain for the whole world to enjoy. Is that something you do often?

  9. Loved your illustrations for the recent Osprey book on the FSB and Russian Paramilitary Forces which I bought. Keep up the good work, Sir!

  10. Jason permalink

    Hello, Johnny:

    You know your military history subjects well as indicated by your countless illustrations. They are vividly superb and inspirational. I am an artist/illustrator myself with a passion for military history, and plan to create illustrations focusing on this as a profession. I would like to talk to you more about it by E-Mail please.

    I hope to see more of your work in the near future :).

  11. Goats_are_Orange permalink

    I am having trouble finding your “Macedonian phalanx” on this page. I can find it on google images but need to know when you made it/published it. I am hoping to use your picture for an MLA research project, and by the way your work is great.

  12. Farco permalink

    Great Artist! From Sardinia ( Italy ) thanks fior the Shardana’s illustrations!

  13. Antonio permalink

    Mr. Shumate
    From Spain thanks for your illustrations in Osprey Élite Series number 206 “Spetsnaz:Russia’s Special Forces” is a SUPERB work!!! 😉

  14. I love your artwork! It is simply wonderful. Greatly vivid, stunning action poses, superb compositions. Congratulations and thank you!

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