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Greeks vs Carthaginians

May 1, 2013



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  1. Sergey permalink

    Magnificient! Absolutely fantastic! Level of details is out of this world. I really like your artwork. They impress me every time. I’ve seen many of your pictures in various publications at last time, but you have not posted them on your web :-(((
    I´m looking forward to see more Roman and Hellenistic artwork in the future.

  2. Sergey,
    Thank you very much! Glad you like my artwork..!

    • Sergey permalink

      Dear Johnny,
      Can you post here the big size image of ptolemaic war elephant from the cover of AW III.2?
      Thanks in advance.

  3. Tomy permalink

    Absolutely amazing picture! I can´t wait now for next AW issue 🙂 Thank you!

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