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Sneak Peek

August 6, 2013

Something I’m working on…More to come later.


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  1. Rami permalink

    Hi Mr. Jhony ! I First i’m glad to see such fantastic and amazing pictures. I would like to see an ILLUSTRATION of A Mongol Light Archer Vs Khwarezmian Heavy Cavalryman and Also A Timurid Tarkhan Fighting A Mamluk Heavy Cavalryman…. and the Last One is About William Hodson in his famous DUEL against a Sikh WARRIOR 1849………….. Thank U for taking time reading our comments and Have a nice day

  2. Very interesting subjects..! I’ll put them on the list….

  3. Andreas permalink

    Very nice.
    Greek mercenaries fighting for Egyptians ? Maybe versus the Persians?

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