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Sneak Peek!

October 2, 2013

XenophonCan anyone guess the scene..? Full illustration coming soon…


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  1. Is the march of Xenophon’s 10000?
    Great job! 🙂 😉

  2. Mongol Light Archer permalink

    Alexander the great crossing hindu kush

  3. Mongol Light Archer permalink

    though uniforms seem to be at least a century earlier

  4. Sergey permalink

    The March of the Ten Thousand. Somewhere in the mountains of Western Armenia, I think.

  5. Sergey, Francesco, you are correct..!

    • Sergey permalink

      Dear Johnny! I love you! You are my favorite historical artist! Thank you very much for your magnificent new artworks!

  6. Rami Bairi permalink

    Nice artwork MR.Jhony……………… i would like to see illustrations from the mamluk era

  7. Sergey permalink

    Dear Johnny,
    Is this cover for Ancient Warfare VII-5?

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